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Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Manners Classes

Puppies should start Puppy Kindergarten before 16 weeks (preferably between 10 and 12 weeks) and Basic Manners is for dogs over 24 weeks (at the beginning of classes). These classes cover the same course material – the only difference is the age of the dogs. (Puppies have different questions than dogs older than 24 weeks.) In each Lesson, your dog will learn skills like Come, Stay, Lay Down, Loose Leash Walking, No Jumping Up, Polite Greeting etc.

Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Manners training packages are Open Enrollment which means that, once you’ve attended Orientation, the six Lessons can be taken in any order – this means you can get started right away! Open Enrollment makes it easier for you to get started training with your dog, encourages attendance and gives you flexibility when life happens and you have to “miss” a lesson. You can take your lesson at any time it is offered, regardless of what day it falls on. You get to choose the schedule!

Your Training Package includes Orientation (humans only) and 6 lessons (with your dog). Each Lesson is its own individual topic (like going out for a walk with your dog, going to the veterinarian, or being in the kitchen) and covers the skills that you and your dog need to learn to be successful together!

When you purchase your Training Package on our client portal, you will receive Lesson credits to be used for Orientation and each Lesson. Pre-registration for Orientation and each Lesson is required so we can manage the number of students in attendance.

Vaccination requirements for all classes

Puppies under 16 weeks must provide written proof from their own veterinarian (not the rescue group or breeder) of at least 1 DHPP/DA2P vaccination, and written proof of a negative fecal (poop) test that has been screened within the last 60 days for Giardia and Coccidia. Dogs over 16 weeks must additionally bring proof of Rabies vaccination.

Sample Negative Fecal
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Sample Vaccination
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