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Pawsitive Training

Confused about what you are reading, hearing from friends, family or pet professionals, Google? These articles are a good resource for understanding how to safely socialize and train your puppy.

We’re committed to ongoing learning, and love sharing knowledge with fellow dog lovers. We’ve curated resources to help you understand and work with your dog, pawsitively.

AVSAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization

AVSAB Position Statement on Dominance Theory

AVSAB Position Statement on Punishment

APDT – Common Myths About Dog Training

APDT – Can I train my dog just like they do on TV?

Vaccination Guidelines

Recommended reading for puppies:

Before you get your puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar (free download)

After you get your puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar (free download)

Recommended reading for dogs of any age:

Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson

Don’t Shoot the Dog, by Karen Pryor

The Power of Positive Dog Training, by Pat Miller

Recommended websites:

Whole Dog Journal. Monthly guide to natural dog care, health, nutrition and training.

For books:

For clicker training:
Karen Pryor Clicker Training

For videos:
Tawzer Dog Videos