Pooch Pawsitive
is your ultimate puppy destination.

Raising puppies is an adventure.

Pooch Pawsitive has your back at every turn.

For over two decades, we’ve been transforming puppies into happy, social family members that are a pleasure to live with. If you’re overwhelmed by puppy chaos, we’ve got solutions to suit you and your schedule. Pooch Pawsitive will help you spend more time enjoying your new companion, and less time dodging those piranha teeth and late night zoomies.

What’s the secret to our success?

We take a Pawsitive approach

We think dog training should be fun – for you and your four-legged family member. We use positive reinforcement based methods backed by science and relevant to everyday life. We’ll equip you with skills and knowledge to live a peaceful life with your dog.

We set you up for success

Our training programs are designed to offer you full support, from individual training to classes and daycare options. Our cutting-edge training center is your one-stop-shop for navigating puppyhood and beyond.

We believe in community

In our experience, it takes a village to raise confident and well-adjusted dogs. When you work with Pooch Pawsitive, you and your puppy are part of the family. We’ve supported thousands of puppies over the years, and pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

New puppy? Look no further!

Your dream of a well-behaved adult dog begins with your puppy. We help simplify puppy training, so you can tackle potty training, biting, good manners and socialization with confidence,

Our puppy training programs are designed to offer everything you and your puppy need to thrive.

Ready to shape a Pawsitive future for your puppy?

Puppy Jumpstart

A one-hour class to assist with housetraining and curbing nipping and biting

Puppy Socials

a playgroup for puppies to socialize with similar age pups and burn off energy

Puppy Kindergarten

an introductory manners course teaching key puppy basics

Puppy Academy

a half or full-day training and socialization program

Dog Training Classes

Discover the path to a well-behaved and happy dog at our training classes. Our dedicated instructors are committed to creating a pawsitive learning experience for you and your dog. Whether it’s basic manners for your adolescent or older dog, trick training or loose leash walking classes, we have a variety of classes to meet your training goals.

Dog Daycare

Keep the education going! We offer daycare options for puppy program attendees and graduates. We maintain a high staff-to-dog to ensure a safe environment with plenty of individual attention for your dog. Our aim is safety, fun and plenty of learning!

Who we are

Founded in 2002 by Heidi Palmer McNeil, Pooch Pawsitive is a dedicated team who are passionate about positive training. We pride ourselves on being approachable, adaptable, caring, and effective. We love finding solutions to bring you relief and help you love life with your dog.

Ready to achieve Pawsitive results?