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Your pup’s home away from home

We’d love to be able to stay home with our dogs all day, but in today’s busy world, that’s often not an option.  And once you are done with all the puppy training, you want to keep their manners and social skills current!  Graduates of our Puppy Academy and Puppy Social programs are welcome to attend our daycare where they will continue to be rewarded for good manners and good social skills!

Our History

Our daycare journey began in 2013 within the Rumford Pet Center, and in May 2017, we moved to our current spacious 6000 square foot location in East Providence. We provide dogs with a safe and fun environment to thrive. Our outdoor space features 1200 square feet of artificial turf, ideal for play, training, and potty breaks.

High Staff-to-Dog Ratio

To ensure personalized attention and safety, we maintain a high staff-to-dog ratio, typically 8-10 dogs per staff member. This allows us to group dogs with suitable playmates, making their experience a positive one.

Expert Team

Our dedicated staff have received formal education in dog training and behavior through prestigious institutions like the Academy for Dog Trainers, Animal Behavior College, and Karen Pryor Academy. We continuously invest in improving their knowledge through educational programs and resources.

Safety and Cleanliness

The well-being of your pets is our priority. In January 2019, we installed PetAirapy UV air disinfection equipment to combat kennel cough. We use veterinarian-grade cleaners and disinfectants daily to maintain high hygiene standards. Our systems and processes also mean our center is COVID-ready. The PetAirapy system has been shown to deactivate 99.97% of SARS-COV-2, the pathogen causing COVID-19, in one air pass.

Pooch Pawsitive Puppy Academy (for pups 10 – 24 weeks)

Our focus has always been on puppies, helping them start on the right paw to become well-rounded dogs. Our Puppy Academy runs alongside our puppy programs, and provides extra socialization and behavior support. We know that learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum; your puppy will be rewarded for polite behavior throughout their stay, such as not jumping up, recall, potty training, and appropriate play.

The Puppy Academy is available as a Half Day or Full Day option. We recommend starting with half days at the Puppy Academy so that the young pups get used to the environment and are not overwhelmed. We require attending at least 3 half-days a week for 4 weeks so that we can have the most impact on their behavior. If you need 5 days of Puppy Academy, we are happy to discuss your options!  Please reach out so we can tailor a program that benefits both you and your pup! 

Before joining the Puppy Academy, please register your pup for a Puppy Social as that is our evaluation process to make sure your pup likes the social environment.

Dog Daycare Program (for dogs 24 weeks and older)

Our Dog Daycare Program welcomes dogs over 24 weeks and is the perfect transition from the Puppy Academy. Dogs are grouped based on age, play style, energy, and size. Our experienced staff reinforce good manners throughout the day, and provide new experiences for your dog, promoting long term resilience. Dogs also enjoy naptime in crates to prevent overtiredness.

Play and Train

In addition to our daycare programs, we offer a Play and Train program for personalized one-on-one training. Our trainers focus on skills like loose leash walking, recall, stay, crate training, leave it/drop it, and managing distractions outside. This program includes one 15 minute training session, with progress reports provided. Play and Train sessions can be scheduled when booking your daycare reservation. Please note that only dogs enrolled in our daycare program are eligible for this program.

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